Capital Reach System Requirements and Troubleshooting Steps

I. Overview

Follow these steps to determine if your computer has the system requirements to view the presentations.

A. Review Hardware Requirements - Please read Hardware Requirements, section II below, to be sure your computer has the proper hardware to view the presentations. If your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements, your system will perform slowly and will have a difficult time loading presentations and navigating within them.

B. Review Software Requirements - this webcast is supported on computers running currently supported versions of the Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Review the Software requirements section below for more information.

C. Mobile Device Users - mobile device users, view support information below.

D. Troubleshooting Tips - If you are unable to view presentations after reviewing the hardware and software system requirements outlined in this document, follow the Troubleshooting Steps section below.

II. Hardware Requirements

You must have the following hardware components in order to view presentations.

A. COMPUTER: Minimum processor and memory as recommended by operating system manufacturer.

B. INTERNET CONNECTION: A broadband Internet connection is required.

C. SOUND: 16-bit sound card and speakers

D. DISPLAY: A display set to a screen area of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher and 16 bits of color or higher.

III. Software Requirements

Windows and Mac OS System Requirements

A. Versions supported: Currently supported versions of the Windows and Mac operating systems.

B. Web browser support: users must have a currently supported HTML5 compliant web browser with standards based media playback support.

C. Your web browser should have JavaScript enabled.

IV. Mobile Device Support

Presentation playback is available on supported versions of Apple iOS devices (Apple iPad and iPhone) and Android devices with an enabled Internet connection and a currently supported web browser with standards based media playback support. Users of these devices can stream sessions to their mobile device. Please note that some advanced interactivity features of the desktop player may not be supported on the Apple iOS mobile devices.

If you have the requirements listed above, then you are ready to view presentations. If you are still having problems, please review the troubleshooting steps below.

V. Troubleshooting Steps

If you are having trouble with the webcast, follow the steps below:

A. Is there a problem with your Internet connection? - try accessing other websites to make sure that there is not a problem with your Internet connection.

B. Do you have sufficient bandwidth on your Internet connection to view the webcasts? Note that a broadband Internet connection of 600kpbs is required to view the video webcasts.

C. Can you play webcasts from another source?

D. Webcasts and Firewalls

Your computer firewall(s) and your network firewall(s) need to support playback of streaming media. Check with your network administrator to ensure your network configuration supports streaming.

F. Is your web browser up-to-date – check your web browser to ensure that it is currently supported by the browser manufacturer and up-to-date with the most current version.

If you continue to have difficulty, please send an e-mail to Please be sure to note in your e-mail the version of your operating system and web browser and the presentation you are unable to view. Also note any error messages that you are receiving while attempting to load the webcast.